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Continuations after Michaels

The treatment (1m) - 2m showing the majors is one that we've all played and was probably taught to us very early in our bridge development. 

If I sat down with an expert partner and we didn't discuss follow-ups, other than 2M being weak, I would assume the following: 

  1. 2N is non-forcing. 
  2. 3 of the other minor is natural and NF. 
  3. A cue bid is a general force.
  4. 3M is either blocking or invitational. If my partner was old-fashioned, I would assume invitational; else blocking. 


None of these calls (except #4) seem optimal. Perhaps a response scheme should consider these conditions/ requirements: 

  • How often do I want to play exactly 2N or 3 of the other minor? Answer: seldom? 
  • When I cuebid, what information am I trying to convey? 
  • What if I have a hand with equal length in the majors?  I would like to be able to play the longer fit if possible. 
  • Is it useful to be able to show a forward-going hand in a specific major in case the bad guys decide to keep bidding?

What treatments do you play (or have thought about) in your partnership?


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