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Continuations after Takeout Double and Free Bid: Many Questions I got

So, I have a lot of questions about a particularly common situation in which I definitely have quite a wrong concept.

Let's suppose bidding goes (P) - P - (1) - X - (1) - 2 - (P) - 2.

In my partnership I play Raptor 1NT so X and 2 denies 4th and I'm specifying this because 2 promises good hand is not Equal-Level Conversion therefore.


1st question: Does 2 setup forcing? Does it setup game forcing?

2nd question: Now this is only related to people who believe that 2 is just NF or RF;

(P) - P - (1) - X - (1) - 2 - (P) - 2 - (P) - 2NT/3/3

Are for example 2NT/3/3 forcing?

3rd question: Again only for the people who believe that 2 doesn't setup game forcing.

Let's suppose bidding went (P) - P - (1) - X - (1) - 2 - (P) - 2 - (P) - 2NT - (P) - 3/3

Finally, are now 3/3 game forcing?

Comment based on your preferred agreement.

Please select up to 3 choices.

2 is Not Forcing
2 is One-round forcing
2 is Game-forcing
2NT/3/3 by free-bidder are all non forcing
At least one of 2NT/3/3 by free bidder is forcing
2NT/3/3 by free-bidder are all forcing
3/3 by strong hand are non forcing
One of 3/3 by strong hand is game forcing
Both 3/3 by strong hand are game forcing

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