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Convention Analysis

I'm looking at rebuilding and extending the functionality of something I did a few years ago for my A Level coursework, which allowed the user to do analysis of conventions based upon results that they input. The system generated graphs, average MP/IMP score per position/vulnerability and the best vulnerability/position combination based upon the data that they user had entered. I've included a screenshot of what the old system outputted if that explains it any better.

As I'm still planning this it'd be good to get some input from people who may end up using this system. What data would you want to be able to input about the result? Do you want to be able to add your own parameters to the data? E.g. labelling a result 'aggressive' vs 'state of match' vs 'on tilt' vs 'sound'. What data do you want shown and how would you like it shown?

If anyone has excel sheets/likewise of how they currently analyse their conventions that might be beneficial for me to look at. 

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