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Convention legality question

My partner and I play a system where a 1NT response (by UPH, with no interference from opponents) to an opening bid of 1 of any suit is a game forcing hand (starts relays).  We play this only in events where mid chart conventions are allowed (if it's a GCC-only event we play a simpler system to comply).  After a 1 or 1 opening bid, we use a 2 response as a substitute for a typical standard system 1NT forcing or semiforcing response.  We believe this to be mid-chart compliant, but a few players in our Washington DC area are challenging whether that particular convention is legal even in mid chart events.  We pre-alert these mid-chart-only conventions and give our opponents a written suggested defense for them (the 1M-2 defense is fairly simple and straightforward:  double = takeout of opener's major, 2 of opener's major is Michaels, other bids are natural).  I have not been able to find anything that specifically says 1M-2 as a forcing NT type response (< Game Forcing values) is not legal for midchart, can anyone help me determine this once and for all?


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