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Could be worth watching the French courts this week.

Chris Froome is a UK based professional cyclist who rides for the Sky team. He has been winning a lot of the big events of late but is under a cloud because of what is termed an "adverse analytical finding" regarding an asthma medicine. This is not the same as testing positive for a performance boosting drug, it indicates that the cyclist may have taken a larger dose of the medicine than allowed for the treatment of asthma. As such, it does not come with a mandatory ban.

However, the organisers of the Tour de France have tried to bar him from this year's event by invoking a clause in their conditions of contest that allows them to ban any competitor who they feel may bring themselves or their event into disrepute.

Through his racing team, Froome is contesting the ban and his case will be in the French courts on Tuesday this week.

It seems to me that, if the courts rule that Froome must be allowed to compete, then the rights of European and Word Bridge organisations to bar players from their events may be brought into question.

More info on the bbc:

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