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Count as Primary Trick 1 Signal

I will be playing a session in 2 weeks with a new partner (ACBL, Matchpoints). He sent his preferred CC, which included "Count" checked as the primary signal at Trick 1. 

I'm trying to be amenable to partner's preferred methods, and we have plenty else to discuss. At the same time, I can't remember ever playing count as primary at T1. For those that know the method, what would be your expectation when you lead the K (from KQ) and dummy has xxx(x)? Playing attitude you can avoid a Bath Coup when you win T1, and you have a good idea if partner has the J when declarer wins T1. 

How do you think a good pair would tend to handle this situation?

Give count and hope that's adequate
Agree that attitude overrides count in this situation
Give suit preference instead (kidding, I hope)
Other (explain if you like)
I never play count here, but want to see the poll results

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