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Countering intervention after the Polish Club sequences 1-1M-2

This is a question for players of Polish Club and similar systems.

The unopposed sequences 1-1-2 (sometimes known as Odwrotka) are artificial, showing a game forcing hand.  There are some constraints: in Polish Club the 2 rebid promises 3+ card support for responder's major, while in MOSSO it might just be based on a long club suit.  The 2 rebid asks responder to indicate his major suit length.

There are various schemes of responder's rebids.  The Odwrotka approach may be summarised as "445566", i.e. 2 shows a minimum with a 4 card major, 2 shows extra values with a 4 card major etc.  In MOSSO responder simply indicates his major suit length (in order to allow opener to rebid 3 with long clubs).

The artificial 2 rebid is a very useful element of Polish Club and similar systems.

My question is: what should responder do when the next hand overcalls 2 with 3?  Step responses at a higher level?  What should double and pass show?

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