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Creating a movie as part of an article?

Is there someone, or multiple someones, that would be willing to explain the process of creating a bridge movie (including card play) as part of an article?  Pretend, purely hypothetically, that I'm an idiot with no idea what I'm doing and you need to use really small words and pretend you're talking to a toddler. 

I have only a printed hand record to work off of (but of course I know the card play), no BBO file or anything.

I am aware of the "insert hand" feature that's one of the clickable icons when you create an article, and of course I know I can use that to input the hands, but no idea how one would create the ability to click through card play from that.  It would be helpful to explain as well how to only display certain hands (this is a defensive problem here, so I'd like to display one hand and dummy).

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