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Croatia Chronicles, I

I'm writing this from my hotel room in Opatija, Croatia, a beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea and the site of the 4th World Youth Open Bridge Championships. Thanks to the generous support of Bridge Winners members and others, six US Juniors were able to attend the tournament: Julie Arbit - Sean Gannon; Alex Hudson - Christian Jolly; and Oren Kriegel - Anam Tebha;with Roger Lee as non-playing captain.

Special thanks go to Cookie Potter, our honorary NPC and team's namesake—we couldn't have done it without you.

Although there were some bumps in the road (or should I say turbulence?)—we missed our connection in Paris, so we were delayed by a day, and when we arrived at the Paris airport the following day our terminal was blocked off due to a suspicious piece of luggage left unattended—we made it to Croatia with plenty of time before the opening ceremonies. The pair event begins tomorrow and runs for three days (August 21-23) with seven short qualifying sessions and three normal-length final sessions. The team event starts on August 24th and runs through the 28th, and the BAM (which includes drop-ins from the knockout rounds of the teams) concludes on the 29th.

All three Cookie Potter pairs are playing in the Junior (open under 26) category, where there are 38 pairs from 19 countries. There are also Youngsters Pairs (open under 21; 23 pairs from 9 countries), Girls Pairs (women under 26; 23 pairs from 4 countries), and Kids Pairs (open under 16; 41 pairs from 11 countries). Play starts at 10 am local time (4 am New York time), and although I am not sure whether there is Vugraphof the pairs event (there will be for the teams), you can follow the results live at WBF's website:

For more information, see:

Daily bulletins:

I will be posting updates about results throughout the event, probably with an interesting deal or two, with a more detailed report to come later (early to mid September). I might even talk about the non-bridge aspects of the tournament—the food, the city, the people—but frankly, that's not in my wheelhouse, so I make no guarantees.

At the moment, though, I'm just going to play hard. Wish us luck!

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