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Crowdsourcing Workable Definitions

The conventions committee has empanelled a subcommittee charged with creating working drafts of new convention charts.  Among the primary goals of this task is to remove ambiguity on the chart.  

Recent discussion about whether a GF 1NT is an allowable response to 1M (suggested allowed by 3, disallowed by 2) and what would constitute an invitational range opposite a limited opening bid highlight some of the problems inherent in the current chart.


We feel that by having a more detailed and less ambiguous definitions section of the chart that it would be possible to greatly improve clarity in these areas.  


To that end, we are looking for the best definition for:




"Tactical Bid"


"Psychic Control"


"Relay System"




"Purely Destructive Bid"


Currently, we are using some working definitions.  These might need to be refined,


Tactical Bid: A call in a constructive auction intended to deceive the opponents during the play of the hand.

Psychic control: Any partnership agreement which, if used in conjunction with a psychic call, makes allowance for that psych.

Relay System: Any system where one hand can ask about partner’s hand with three consecutive bids below 3NT.

Psych: A call that grossly misstates the strength and or suit length of one’s hand. Normally 2 cards fewer or an Ace weaker, than the minimum expected, or an Ace stronger than the maximum expected.

Purely Destructive Bid: A bid which has no descriptive intent, with the primary goal of consuming bidding space. Does not apply to a waiting bid over a strong opening. Eliminating unlikely hands does not make a bid descriptive.


Any suggestions to improve upon these definitions is welcome.







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