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Cue bid/ splinter in partners suit

Matchpoints ,playing 5 card majors. Bidding goes  1C ( might be just xx) ,,1H,,2H (we have way to check for 3-card support, not needed here ) , immediately thinking slam.

We are not doing exclusion, I plan to find out about Ace D , then use KeyCard to find out about H Q

so I bid 4C ( meaning splinter), partner does not read it that way, bids 4 Hearts, which I take to deny Ace of Diamond or Spades.

We miss the laydown slam.


Since Clubs is not a "real" suit , is 4C a splinter bid

On different layout, say it was 1D(promising 4),,1H,,2H,,4D , in that case is 4D still a splinter, why go back to Diamonds when  you have agreed Hearts






1C,,1H,,2H,,4C is a splinter when the opening club suit may be short
1D,,1H,,2H,,4D is a splinter
1 minor,,1M,,2M,,4 minor is always natural

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