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In a separate thread (here), Greg Humphreys boldly asserted that:

"If you fail to claim the beer when you have a 100% beer line, partner gets the beer. These are the rules of the beer card, and they are unflinchingly rigid."

I haven't heard this one before. It's not that I don't trust Greg's word, but...ok, I don't. Please raise your hand if you follow this rule.


At David Yates' request, I have added an additional option. "Hail Humphreys" is short for, "Whether I like it or not, this rule stands because Greg Humphreys is the final authority on beer card rules"

I have not heard of this rule either
I do follow this rule
This rule is wrong / I do not follow it
Let's get back to cheating scandals, please
Hail Humphreys

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