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Deal w. Kaplan (QJ10 Kx AQJxx Q10x) & Kay?

I am trying to locate the full layout, auction, and play of a deal that was defended by Edgar Kaplan and Norman Kay. I recall that Kaplan (West) held QJ10 Kx AQJxx Q10x. I'm omitting any other details because my thought was to publish the deal on this forum as "Assign the Credit," and I don't want to spoil it for anyone. But I'd be glad to provide them via private message. 

I believe that I saw the deal in one of the Partnership Bridge columns in the ACBL Bulletin. It would have been after 1985 and before the Bulletin went to the large, glossy format. I know that's a big range, but my guess is that it would have appeared in 1997 or later, as a tribute to Kaplan. I would look for it myself, except that I donated my Bulletins many years ago. A good deed eventually punished. 8^)

Anyway, if any of you can find the details, I'd appreciate your conveying them to me via private message. Or, if you liked the deal enough to want to publish it, feel free. Thanks.

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