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Declared Candidates for 2019 District Director Elections

The period for candidate declaration for District Director positions has closed. The ACBL has published the list of candidates.

For four of the districts up for election, there is only one candidate. The following are considered to have been (re)elected:

  • District 6 – Washington, DC, Virginia & Maryland:Margot Hennings (Incumbent)
  • District 9 - Florida: Jeff Overby
  • District 11 - Kentucky, Western Ohio, Central Indiana & West Virginia:AJStephani(Incumbent)
  • District 12 - Lower Michigan, Northwestern Ohio, Northern Indiana: Dennis Carmen (Incumbent)

In the other four districts, there will be a contested election (candidates listed alphabetically by last name):

District 10 - Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Western Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas

  • Bill Arlinghaus
  • Ned Irving

District 17 – Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern NV, Eastern Utah, West Texas, Wyoming

  • John Grossman
  • Cindy Shoemaker
  • Ed Yosses

District 20 – Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Nevada & Hawaii

  • Laurie Rowe
  • Merlin Vilhauer (Incumbent)

District 24 – New York City and Long Island

  • David Moss
  • Adam Parrish

As noted in my previous article, the elections for these positions will be conducted by the Unit boards in each of the above districts. I also called for more ACBL member engagement in the election process. For what it is worth, I call upon the candidates in both the contested and uncontested districts to publish their goals and vision for the ACBL.

I hope that members of the contested districts will be contacting their Unit Boards to learn when and how elections will be conducted, as well as the criteria that the Unit Board Members will be making their decisions.

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