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Declarer with an accent 3

Sorry, another grumbling

I already reported 2 cases here.

Here is a new one, from A/X swiss teams on the resent regional.

I am declarer in a very bad 3NT contract.

I hold xx in my hand and KQJxx on the table with no outside entries to the dummy. I duck the spade lead, took couple of top clubs and later played toward the table. All what RHO needs to make the contract down two is just to duck the first round of hearts.

Lucky me. RHO plays Ace on the first round. It is not enough for me yet. Opponents now could collect 3 top diamond tricks to set me down one.

Lucky me. RHO continues spades. It is not enough for me yet. Heart in defenders hand divided 4-2, so I still have only 8 tricks.

Lucky me. LHO used that opportunity to discards her forth .

Now I have 10 tricks. I play to the table. On the 6-cards ending dummy has QJ9 and Jxx. Ace and King of clubs already gone, but LHO hold 10xx

I command “Top club” – partner plays Q

I command “Top club” – partner plays J

I command “Top heart” – partner plays J. Tries to play. Now LHO start screaming that I said “top club,” not “top heart.”

I know I have a heavy accent. I do believe that words “heart” and “clubs” in my pronunciation could sound similar. But, don’t me and my partner are in a better position to know what I said? If anything, word “top” could give a hint what suit I said to play, - with singleton club left on the table I would probably not ask to play the “top” card on the suit.

Anyway, after short discussion director was called. By the way, I was the one who called the director, but after director arrived, RHO insisted he called director so he should be permitted to speak first. Anyway. Director established two against two testimonies and left result stay, so no damage done. Except I felt insulted.

Honestly, I don’t like then anybody accusing me in lying. It also does not feel right if somebody is picking up on my accent in attempt to compensate for their bad defense. As a result, I spoke more emotionally than I should.

After match completed, I went to director to apologize for my emotional behavior on the table. Less in a minute LHO was there demanding that I stop to have private talk with director. :)

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