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Defence to Bergen and the like

RHO opens 1, you pass and LHO bids 3 showing a raise in s. The question is how do you defend in this position, specifically what do double and 3 mean by partner? I know some players make a distinction based on whether 3 shows a raise to 3 (a 'limit raise') or a good raise to 2 (a 'constructive raise').

No doubt this has been discussed on BW before: please accept my apologies if so, I rarely come here. 

Dbl=, 3=t/o of
Dbl=t/o of , 3=+minor
Dbl=, 3=+minor
Limit raise: Dbl=, 3=t/o of ; Constr raise: Dbl=t/o of , 3=+minor
Limit raise: Dbl=, 3=+minor; Constr raise: Dbl=t/o of , 3=+minor
Something I have not thought of!

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