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Defence to Forcing Pass

All of this discussion on system regulation has got me thinking that I should try playing a forcing pass system where I live (Australia), in case our regulations go South and it gets banned here too. Our basic system is Precision so it seems quite easy to add forcing pass by just moving all of the bids down one:


Pass = 16+

1 = 11-15 1+

1 = 11-15 5+

1 = 11-15 5+

1 = Any <11


The problem is that we need to provide a written defence for our opponents in order to be allowed to play it. Seems a but like a quiz where you have to provide the questions and the answers, but anyway.

I can't find a good defence to Forcing Pass online. What should I suggest? I'm thinking:

Over Pass - use your defence to a Precision Club, except with the double replaced by 1 unless penalty. (If you don't have a defence to Precision I will give you ours - bid with 13 cards or a good 12. TWERB/Suction so they don't know what suits you have.)

Over 1/ - play what you play against Walsh. If nothing, then X=suit bid, Suit shown=takeout double.

Over 1, I don't know what is best. Suggestions welcome.


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