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Defense Against 1NT Opening

These are two of the most commonly played conventions by experts when their opponents open 1NT.

Dbl = 1 suited minor or both majors ( requests a 2C bid from partner) 
2C = clubs + a major 
2D = diamonds + a major 
2H/S = natural 1 suiter 
2NT = both minors 
I like to use this against strong NT only 

Dbl = 4 card major + longer minor (partner bids 2c to ask for minor, 2d to ask for major) 
2C = Both Majors 
2D = single suited Major 
2H = 5H + minor 
2S = 5S + minor 
2N = Both Minors 

When playing this against weak NT use dbl as penaly


Other popular conventions?  Interesting Followups to these conventions? Comments? Questions?


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