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Defense against a BSC over 1

I am looking for a defense against a Brown Sticker Convention (BSC), known in some quarters as ‘Multi-Defense’ over 1. Where I live, BSC – definition is same as WBF's – are illegal in most competition, but legal in higher-level teams competition after due publication and approval of a written explanation (in which a suggested defense is not required, and none is supplied in this case). We are allowed to have a written defense open on the table. My team soon has to play against this BSC. (For all clarity: we do not consider playing it ourselves.)

The BSC in question is played against 1-openers of any meaning other than always strong. Overcalls 1// and 2 all show either a five+ card suit in the next higher suit or two four+ card holdings in the suits thereafter in rank. For example: 1-(1) would show either five+ spades or four+ cards in clubs and diamonds; likewise, 1-(2) is either diamonds or both majors. The overcall therefore never shows the suit named and there is no known suit; that is why it is a BSC.

What would be a good defense against this? I can think of something, but first I am looking for ideas and tips, maybe even experience (which will probably be rare). The internet proves of no help. I hope and trust Bridge Winners will.

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