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Defense against strong 1C and 2C openings

If you let good ( & even poor)  players have an unimpeded auction, they are likely to get to a reasonable contract.  The following is a defense that I have used for years with many partners, and the results are favorable.  These bids are directly after a strong 1C and 2C opening.   1C : 1NT shows a 1 suited hand and partner bids 2C to find out the suit (if desired).  Every other 1 level bid is showing shortness and a 3 suited hand: X= C shortness; 1D, 1H, 1S are short in that suit.  If 2C is opened, these bids are 1 level higher.

2 level suit bids are 2 suiters (Roman style -- that suit and next higher suit).  So 2S shows S and C.  This leaves 2 patterns left.  2NT= C & H, and 3C= D & S.  Obviously these bids work better when they are V and you are NV.  To be honest, 2NT and 3C do not come up very often.  Obviously, one has to be very cognizant of the vulnerability and what they are bidding on.

The whole point is that we can immediately jam the auction when we know what partner has and we have the right cards.  Do not let the opponents exchange information at a lower level.  Most strong hands do not do well if their partner can not describe what they have.  Most pairs have not discussed what to do over interference.  For example, 2C, 2S,X ??  Would this show S or other suits, points, or controls??





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