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Defense to 3 Showing Both Majors

I'm interested in hearing thoughts on a good defense to 3 showing 5-9 points with at least 5-5 in the majors.

It occurs to me that, with X, 3 and 3NT all available, it may make sense to use X to show a strong balanced hand that might have bid 3NT over an ordinary 3 level preempt.  This keeps defense in the picture, which may be a good idea, since if we have  a balanced hand with stoppers in both of their majors, there may not be a good source of offensive tricks.  Then, one possibility would be to use one or the other of 3 and 3NT as takeout and the other for a hand with a long running minor and stops. 

Alternatively, we could use the extra bid to distinguish hands with a heart stop from hands with a spade stop.

Anyone have empirical experience about what works well?

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