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Defining 2NT in Comp

I'm wondering if any partnerships out there have detailed rules for defining 2NT in competition.  

Assume there are three competing meanings:  Natural, Lebensohl and Scrambling (takeout with 2 places to play)

I started working about some rules for when 2NT is natural, but they are challenging.  I'm also interested in hearing about ways the rules vary if you are playing a strong club / artificial diamond.  

For example:

1 - (Pass) - 1 - (2)

Pass - (Pass)  - ??

The meaning might logically be different if 1 was a catch-all as in precision vs. Natural.


The plan for my notes was going to be a double test.  First you test to see if satisfies a condition for natural.  Failing that, test a group of conditions for Lebensohl.  Failing that, it is scrambling.


I started with:

2NT in comp is natural in the following cases:

1) It is the cheapest available NT bid available at your first turn to call

2) It is bid by an unlimited hand that has already shown 4+ length in a known suit

3) It is a response to a takeout double

4) It is a raise of a 1NT overcall

5) If it is bid directly over an opponents bid when double would otherwise show the lowest two unbid suits. 

6) It is a response to a negative double of 2 or lower


I'm curious to see what rules other partnerships use

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