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Definition of double, if it is not a support double?

The context is a 5533 2/1 system with 15-17 NT. I have previously played support doubles, which I gather is a quite popular treatment, but have heard several players saying that in a natural system, double should be used as takeout instead (I think I even saw a comment to that effect by Rodwell in an interview, but I may be wrong about that). One reason would be to allow hands like 18-19 balanced without a stopper in opponent's suit.

I need some help with sensible answers to the questions below about the following sequences, given that double is played as takeout:

  • 1m - (pass) - 1 - (1); dbl
  • 1m - (pass) - 1M - (2/2); dbl
  • 1 - (pass) - 1 - (2m); dbl
  1. Does double always show extra values or can it be a minimum 5431 with shortness in opponent's suit and three card support for partner?
  2. If I raise partner's major instead of doubling, does that always show four card support or should a raise be allowed on three cards?
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