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Did anyone ask for their money back?

I just got round to checking the frequencies on Tuesday afternoon.

We sat N/S and played at table seven so played boards 1-9 and 19-33 in an 11 table movement.

I think we defended to two making games (+ let through a hopeless game in ludicrous fashion) and two partscores plus doubled them off a few times in sacrifices. The rest of the deals we played mostly in game or slam -- indeed if we hadn't gone down in a thin slam, at the five-level in a major, and missed a game, we had quite a decent game available to us.

These were the most lopsided cards I've ever been on the right side of; i think in the nine deals we missed our opponents had four normal game contracts, but we never saw them.

I know one of our opponents who ended with an average game said they had two plus scores after 15/18 deals.


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