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Did you use the recorder ? If not why didnt you do it ?

It seems to me that these 2 last cheating cases should have been nip it in the bud easily with the recorder system.

Some of the hands should just be obvious red flag for the recorder. Maybe it would have taken one year max 2 before catching the cheaters but imo more than 2 years is really innaceptable.

My feeling is that very few hands were sent to the recorder or that the recorder system is divided in too many isolated units.

Its also possible that the recorder is not enough pro active. 

 My feeling is that there should be an anonymous accesible to all database of fishy hand. Players with a certain pedigree can look at the hand comment and vote on the hands. When the fishyness level reach a certain point the recorder get a flag.

I think its important when i look at a hand that i dont know who the players are. In short only the recorder got access to the names.


poll question.


A very fishy lead/bid was made against you.

Did you fill a recorder form ?

If not why didnt you fill it out ?


Yes ive filled some recorder form
I only fill a recorder form when its super obvious cheating. Not just on fishy case.
No, i think the system is broken
Too much trouble for little gain.
I didnt know it existed
I didnt want to be bother about it while im in the tournament.
I used to do them but now ive stopped doing them. They just dont seems to work.
I tough it was a single incident.
I didnt really use them but now i regret not using them ill be more active in the future.

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