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 I've just joined BW and this is my first ever post. My Bridge (and life) partner, Judy, and I, live on the Sunshine Coast near Brisbane, Australia. This last week, we've been getting up at about 4 am local time, each day, to watch the last 3 sessions of the Spingold on BBO.  The final was so exciting and Judy and I were marvelling at the technology that allowed us to watch the match (both BBO and utube video).

 After the final was over (congrats to both teams), and still tingling with excitement, Judy and I began discussing who we would invite to  our fantasy Bridge dinner. I've never met any of our dinner guests. Judy has met Zia and Pepsi. To keep it manageable, we limited the guest list to 5 and to keep the gender balance, we "allowed" each guest to bring the partner of their choice. Here's our list in no particular order:


Al Hollander:          Al is just great on BBO.

Zia:                      (Judy danced with Zia, briefly, at the Victory dinner in Montreal 2002)

Boye Brogeland:    Boye's done so much for Bridge.

Pepsi:                   Judy loves Pepsi!

Brian Platnick:       Brian was so entertaining when he was "In the well", I thought he'd be a great dinner guest.


So, here's your chance to list your 5 dinner guests and why. Keep it nice, I don't want any food fights.


( Sorry if this has been done before).


Adrian and Judy.

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