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Director Ruling: First ever situation

My son (a novice, 8 MPs lifetime, playing for the first time in 7 years) was declaring 2NT (Vegas Nationals, side game), in this 5-card end position.

Dummy (N): ♠ AQ62, ♥ J

Declarer (S): ♠ 43, ♥ Q3, ♣ 6

He had taken 7 tricks to date, and mindful of trying to take as many over tricks as possible, led the ♠3, W followed with the ♠9, and he finessed the ♠Q and E followed with the ♥T. Everyone turned their cards over, my son thought for a while, and said "I take the ♠A and you get the rest of the tricks" and faced his cards, as did West. At that point E looked at their hands and said, "wait, wait I have Spades" and produced the ♠K.

Director was called and ruled that the revoke had not been established, E could win the ♠K, and had to lead the ♥T (the penalty card). The full layout was as below, and EW took the rest of the tricks.

---Dummy (N): ♠ AQ62, ♥ J

W:♠ 9,♥ AK9 ! J  - - - - - -     E:♠ KJ87 ♥ T

---------Declarer (S): ♠ 43, ♥ Q3, ♣ 6

Ignoring for the moments the merits of my son taking a finesse, it seems grossly unfair that E can revoke, get to see declarers cards and then -- because the revoke is not established -- decide how to defend; for instance, it is not inconceivable that E would return the ♠J on winning ♠K to "set up his spades," nor is it impossible that E might contrive to duck the ♠Q (we've all done worse). It seems grossly unfair to allow E to correct his ♥T and defend to their best advantage after declarer and partner have faced his cards.

I later I asked Director what my son should have done instead of claiming, he said, he should have played the ♠A, waited for E to follow to establish the revoke, and then claimed. I don't know about you, but I've never done that in my life, and is that really the lesson we want to teach bridge players -- don't claim in case there is an unestablished revoke?

Finally, while I'm not for a moment remotely suggesting that E did any of this deliberately, this does seem a neat trick close to the end... (I hasten to add, I would never consider doing it Cool...)


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