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Two weeks ago we finished our Norwegian Bridge Festival - a yearly festival over nine days with eight national championships and a lot of side shows. Most of these championships are open, also to foreign players.

I love directing, although prefer to play. Since I'm working at the federation office, being in the festival staff is part of my job. So every year I direct in two of the major tournaments, and can play in two.

This year I directed in the Norwegian Mixed Pairs Championships (in a team of 3 TDs), where 214 pairs competed in a 3 session 90 boards matchpointed swiss. I also directed (chief TD) the Norwegian Open Pairs Championship, where 86 pre-qualified pairs played a gruelling 6 session 170 board matchpointed round robin.

At the second day in the open pairs I had a most peculiar TD call - by phone. One of the participants on the festival - not playing anything this session, called me and asked me to find one of his three cabin mates, two of which was currently playing in the Patton Teams, and the third had just left for the festival site from the camping they were staying at. He needed one of the to come back to the cabin, since he was locked outside the cabin, in his underwear! :-)

My fellow TD from Denmark, Niels Aagaard also had an incident during the open pairs. He was called to a table and asked to cancel a result on the Bridgemate, since north at the table had entered the result on the wrong board number. After cancelling the result, north entered it again, but again asked Niels to cancel it, since he had forgot to enter a double this time. When Niels watched, he now tried to enter the wrong contract at his third try. Niels then intervened, taking the BM away from north and handed it to south, "ruling" that south would have to operate the BM for the rest of the tournament.

In the Women Pairs, Allan Livgård had problems of his own at the same time. He was called to a table as one of the pairs after starting the bidding discovered that they were at the wrong table. I suppose the correct pair wanted their places. He sent the pair over to their own table, instructing them to bid exactly as they had at the first table (one or two bids had been made before they moved). But this didn't work out, as one player from the other pair then opened out of turn.


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