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Directors Dilemma

Before I start, I would like to make a few points clear, I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of our ACBL Directors. They do what is often a very tough job in some very trying circumstances. They have to balance the various laws with the knowledge of players involved. They have to try to apply the laws without offending players, they have to be customer service reps they have to be sales reps, they have to balance books and as well as run the game.

But here is the Dilemma as I see it.

On the one hand they are employed by the League , on the other hand a large part of their job is to represent the players interests , making sure that nothing untoward is happening in the game. Making sure no one is blatantly taking advantage of UI , most of the time these interests coincide, but what happens when they don't.

 A few things happened at the Palm Springs regional, where I think the directors faced a dilemma.

On the one hand do you want to give a warning to players who don't know better, on the other hand why exactly should the field suffer for  a breach in ethics? juggling those positions is not easy.

But lets look at something else that happened to a team of novices, they were sold an incorrect entry to the Swiss, they realized before the start of the session and the Directors said tough luck, we have already fixed the matches and they should have checked earlier.

Lets look at what happened to these poor ladies, they had to play against some very tough teams,at one point they were in tears and they had absolutely no pleasure in the event which they paid good money to be in.

The director of this event was probably right , they probably did unwittingly buy an entry to the wrong event, however How hard would it have been when told at the very start to make a round robin and put the people in the correct event?

At some point in round three, I informed the Tournament Chair, what had happened and he had the good sense to give them some free plays for the next day.

A little customer service  goes an awful long way.

Both experienced players and novices need to feel they are having their concerns addressed by our TD`s and as the face  of the ACBL that most players see our Directors need to sometimes be less defensive about their decisions and more open to seeing how they can help improve the experience for everyone.


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