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Disclosure of style of take-out doubles

There have been a few recent articles and polls concerned with whether or not to double 1m with sound opening values but without a shortage in the suit opened.  One of the discussions has sought to differentiate between hands with values in the suit opened and hands lacking these.

Without wishing to add to this debate, a related issue is disclosure.  If a pair have an agreement that they will usually double on balanced hands of this sort, I think that this is something that their opponents are entitled to know.  And I think that the place for this disclosure is the system card.

Am I right in this?

Yes, the style of take-out doubles employed by a partnership should be disclosed on the system card
No, the style of take-out doubles should not be disclosed on the system card but should be volunteered in response to a question
You must be kidding - this is bridge, Mister
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