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Discussion-worthy Motions for Chicago BOD Meeting

Here are a few of the other motions on the docket for the BOD meeting in Chicago that struck me as worthy of discussion. A few I think are good -- eliminating the screen tax, instituting term limits (though I think a three-term limit would be better than four). Some I don't like one bit -- the masterpoint reduction for 5/6 person KO teams, the proposed new fall NABC schedule.

Item 152-74: Entry to an NABC+ Pairs Event

Any player wishing to purchase an entry to an NABC+ pairs event must be in the correct line by no later than 30 minutes before the posted game time.

Any player wishing to purchase an entry to an NABC+ Swiss Teams event must be in the correct line by no later than 15 minutes before the posted game time.

A player can be denied entry to an event if he fails to meet this regulation -- or, at the discretion of the director monitoring the entry line, he may purchase an entry upon paying a fee of $40/pair or $80/team, with proceeds going to the International Fund.

Effective Fall NABC, November 2015

Item 152-85: Entry Fees NABC+ Team Events / Screens

The ACBL Board of Directors rescinds item 142-71 Entry Fees NABC+ Team Events / Screens.

Effective Fall 2015 NABC

Item 152-95: Article VIII Bylaws - Election Procedures (First Reading)

Article VIII of the ACBL Bylaws be amended as follows:

Article VIII


8.3 Term Limits

Members of the ACBL Board of Directors are limited to four consecutive three-year terms. A District Director may serve again, but only after an absence of at least three years. Chicago, IL Summer 2015 Board Meeting Motions. 11 A three-year term during which a member votes at seven or more meetings shall be considered a full term.

Effective Terms beginning January 1, 2015

Item 152-141: KO Awards for 5-6 person Teams at Sectionals/Regionals – Second Reading

At non-NABC Events, players on KO teams with more than 4 players who are otherwise eligible for overall awards will be subject to the following participation reduction:

For every segment (half a match) of a match that is won and where a participant sits out, the overall awards for that individual will be reduced by 5%. For example, if a player’s team wins a 4-session KO and that participant played only half of each match, that player’s masterpoint award will be reduced by 20%.

Effective January 1, 2016

Item 152-155: New Fall NABC Schedule

1. The Fall NABC schedule shall be modified by moving the three-day Blue Ribbon Pairs to the first Friday of the Fall NABC.

2. In addition, an Open KO event shall be added to the Fall schedule beginning on Monday of the tournament. This event will use similar Conditions of Contest as the Vanderbilt & Spingold. Input regarding the Conditions of Contest shall be requested from the Competition & Conventions Committee during the Chicago meeting.

Effective January 1, 2016

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