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Displaying Percentages in Club Games - Fair or Foul?

Displaying percentages on the Bridgemates in club games, to me, is wrong. In what other form of Bridge do you have more than just a general feel for how your pair is doing during the game? During a team game or tournament pairs game, the result is not known, for sure, until it's over. With percentages, even though they fluctuate in later rounds, pairs can know when to ease back or when to hit the gas. In my opinion, it's not fair.

Displaying percentages also delays the game because there is almost always an automatic Postmortem following the announcement of the percentage. What went wrong, what went right, is discussed. This can delay the game for almost 10 minutes a session during a 28-board game. It distracts the players from the next hand if they are not successful in blocking it out and putting it in the back of their mind, because they are focused on how they could have changed a 25% to a 75% score. 

The only minor advantage of using percentages is when a percentage is just not right for a pair. They can then fix the score so that their score at the end of the day will be right. This avoids score adjustments after the game is over. However, this wouldn't be necessary if the EW pairs checked the results more carefully before okaying the score.

Of course, this decision comes down to the director, but I am discussing in general here. So my question, Bridgewinners, is, displaying percentages fair or foul?

Fair for all club games
Fair for only regular Masterpoint club games

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