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Distribs. for 1NT with stiff A/K/Q

For those of you who occasionally or regularly open 1NT off shape with stiff A/K/Q (for some not the Ace, some K only), what distributions are acceptable?

I view the following distributions as having rebid problems, perhaps solved by this off shape action:

1=3=4=5, 1=4=3=5, 1=4=4=4, 1=4=5=3(arguable to some), 3=1=4=5, and some hands with 6331 and 6 card minor.

I view the following distributions as NOT having rebid problems:

any hand with 5 card major, or 3=1=5=4, 1=3=5=4 patterns, denoted as (31)54. (1D then 2C)

Obviously many of us open 1NT with some 5422s and 6322s, but I am excluding these from consideration here.

Please vote below.

No to 5CM or (31)54
No to 5CM, sometimes for (31)54
Yes to 5CM, no to (31)54
Yes to both
I NEVER open 1NT with stiff A/K/Q

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