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District Limits on Number of Sectionals

A recurring theme in some threads is the assumption that there are too many tournaments compared to yesteryear. The ACBL currently gives Districts a base allocation of 4 Regionals per year, with additional ones awarded for larger Districts and certain grandfathered ones. However, the ACBL does NOT place any limit on the number of sectionals sanctioned by a Unit ("While there are no restrictions on the number of sectional tournaments a unit may conduct, a district must approve the Sanction Application before it can be acted upon by ACBL," ACBL Handbook of Rules and Regulations, ch. 6, Section Three, I). Some Districts have apparently interpreted this language as giving it the authority to place parameters on the number of sectionals that a member Unit may sanction.

Does your District place a limit on the number of sectionals sanctioned by a Unit? Any exceptions or grandfathered sectionals? Other idiosyncrasies? (I can't structure this as a poll efficiently, as multiple people from the same District may respond.)

If you respond, please indicate which District you're in. I'll provide the information for District 11 (half of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and half of West Virginia) as the first response pro forma.

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