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Disturbed plan



AKQJT73 - 873 K54


Partner opens 1H and you have a systemic strong jump take-out available.

Your plan is 2Sp, and 4Sp next round, showing a running spade suit and approximately one more card that is not an ace.

1H (pass) 2S

 Now your left hand opponent asks opener what 2S means, and partner starts to think ... after 5 sec you realize he is not as familiar with the system as you are, and worse still, he is 20 years younger than you.

Are you allowed to interrupt him now and ask him to leave the table? Or are you yourself allowed to leave the table before he replies? Is any of those two solutions up for you to decide?


You do not choose one of the above described solutions. Instead you wait and hear the dreadful -:"I am not sure but I think it is weak, showing 6-10 and 6+ spades"

Your left hand opponent bids 3C and partner bids 3D


1H (pass) 2S (3C)

3D (pass) ?


Are you allowed to stick to your plan, or do you have to bid 3Sp now?


If one now jumps to 4Sp and opponents complain, will a TD or committee roll this back to 3Sp?

Opener held x AJ9xxx AQJx xx and there were 12 tricks available.

The written notes (system pages) says strong jump shifts, but has no follow ups.




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