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People Have the Power!

i remember using this phrase very early in the controversythat has enveloped our game

Looking at allthathashappened since Boye first levelled his accusations at Fisher Schwartz, iwas filled with joy and renewed hope and belief in the future of bridge. Top cheating players have been exposed , the " veil of secrecy " regarding expert level bridge has been lifted, people are no longer " afraid" to air their views, -" do the right thing" philosophy resonated across the bridge world . this has been a beautiful thing.

why did this happen?

Because oneman had the guts and the purest motives to do something about what was ruining our beautiful game and the real people, those who care rallied and followed and supported him.

we were all filled of this wonderful feeling that the game had been saved. I wish i could quote all the things my expert friends and the general bridge community were on a whole saying, but im sure everyone else experienced this sense of goodwill in their own bridge spheres.and understand and appreciate what i am trying to say.

i received an email from an Israeli player after FS were exposed that said it all:-

" I played yesterday in the Israeli Open Teams Cup. It may be difficult to explain, but somehow the air felt cleaner, and the sky looked brighter. It seemed that everybody are having more fun playing than ever before"

What a great feeling, and im sure that so many other experienced that same sense all over the world.

But the Crusade is just beginning, because unfortunately the Bridge authorities, and in Particular the WBF, led and represented by Mr Rona, under who watch has seen at least the last 15 or so years of world competition dominated by these cheaters, has been not only totally ineffective at policing the game, their actions make them seem almost complicit in the plague that has infected our game. the fact that one of these cheaters. about whom the rumours have been floating around expert circles for years, Mr Fulvio Fantoni, was on all sorts of WBF high level boards? and i thinkI read recently that he was the " Ambassador of bridge!! for the WBF.

this is so revealing as in fact he is an perfect example of the sort of Bridge that the WBF seems to stand For!!!!

we all know what happened in Chennai, there is no need for me to repeat it here again, suffice to say:

After all that has happened , how can we accept the behaviour of the WBF,????,it trulyboggles my mind that anyone can support or defend them any longer.

so faced with the unbelievable behavior of our ultimate governing body, top players, influential voices in the bridge world , and all players who care about the future of bridge need to rally around the cause again and do something about this!!

well Boye did that yesterday!

" i am not sure what other players and NBO's are thinking of doing, but I have decided not to play for Norway in Wroclaw next year"

i wholeheartedly support this approach, and implore other like minded people to do the same . We have to force the WBF and the PBU to change, and cannot think of a better way to do that than this

i know many expert players cannot express their feeling openly because it will affect their livelihood , and they feel that the cannot do this because of their sponsors. to them i say, - talk to your sponsors, most of them are decent people who care about this , and am sure would support you in this.It would be great if those sponsors come out directly and support Boye in this. that would be very meaningful and powerful in attaining the change we need .

but most of all, i appeal the the regular bridge player, who probably wont be eligible to play in Polandnext year, to take the next step in saving our beautiful game , and express your support for the man who has done more for bridge in 2 months than anyone in the history of the game


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