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Do they like my $ at BBO?

BBO presents an opportunity to play a couple of tens of hands with GIB at little time to keep some edge with little time for the human version. It is still more attractive to play those hands in a competition with a large number of humans and I certainly would play in more than just two daylong tournaments presently available. It's also important you enter such tournament at the time of your choice. Here's an exchange I had with BBO support staff that's left me not enlightened to say the least:

'Why do you have so few day-long GIB tournaments since they draw so large audience? Second, why not put more such tourneys differentiated by number of hands and proportional fees?'

'Hello , Thank you for contacting us. The Daylong tournaments now are upgraded – they allow you to play with advanced robots which are better, award a lot of masterpoints to the ones who placed well and have only 0.25 entry fee. There is still the Free Daylong tourney and you can still play it, just not as often. It is one day MP and one day IMP, and it is limited to 3 tournaments per week. Please click on this link for full information on the changes made on the Daylong tourneys: Please let us know if we can help with anything else. Best regards, Boyan BBO Customer Support'

'Your answer has nothing to do with my questions. I asked why you have only one MP and IMP day-long tourney a day. They are immensely popular and it seems that your marketing effort leaves something to be desired.'

No further action since July 24th

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