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Do you accept the concession?

A player who doesn't normally post to BW gave me this problem to put on the site. Apologies if I've misstated the facts slightly...

Case 1) Declarer has a ten-card trump fit with AKxxxxx in hand and xxx in dummy. They cash the ace, both hands following, and then say "I have to lose a trump to the queen".

I assume, though I don't know for sure that if declarer leaves trumps alone (rather than making a misere play like leading a low trump) you might score your queen. Do you accept the trick, reject it, or do something else like asking declarer to play on?

Now for the precise facts of this case: This is a regular game played with regular cards but declarer is blind and has their cards called out for them by his helper. But to be precise we know he hasn't confused the king and queen; he knows the queen is missing -- we do not know whether he forgot ignored or confused the location of the queen. what would you do now?

(I don't know if perhaps declarer misheard and thought one opponent showed out -- that is as close as I can get to a rational explanation!)

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