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Do you play Drury?

Drury seems to be a convention that we all seem to not be able to live without. The Story goes that in 3/4 partner can often open light and we want to stop ourselves from going too high. I think this reasoning is somewhat backwards. When game is in the offing, we want to remain precise and not distort ranges. We would like to open light when we know partner can’t invite and the chance of game is remote. Thus, there should be little use for Drury. Instead, it is quite popular to stretch to open in 1/2, leaving the powerful inference that partner very rarely has an invite. Some theorists even recommend 1M-2 to include a limit raise!

Yes we play Drury
No we don’t play Drury, but we play mini no trump
No we don’t play Drury, but we play precision
No we don’t play Drury, but 2 includes a limit raise
None of the above

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