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Do you try to exploit Stolen Bids?

Stolen Bids (aka Mirror Bids/Doubles, Shadow Bids/Doubles, etc.) is a convention that takes away the ability to make a penalty or negative double when there is direct interference over an opening 1NT. Double shows that you would have made the bid your opponent made. For example, if an opponent bids 2, double means that responder would have bid 2 as a transfer to hearts.

Stolen Bids allow you to bid more aggressively over 1NT than you normally would, there being no possibility of being doubled for penalties by responder. I've never considered doing this because Stolen Bids are mostly played at club games and, ethics notwithstanding, exploiting them (even with full disclosure) seems like shooting fish in a barrel. Even if I got good results from it, I wouldn't be proud of them.

The reason I ask is that I've recently seen Stolen Bids played in A/X sectional and regional events. In other words, I've seen them played by people who should know better in situations that actually matter.

I'm curious as to whether or not anyone takes advantage of Stolen Bids and what the ethical aspects are at various levels of competition. In other words, if you do nothing different against Stolen Bids at club games (assuming you play in club games), would you also do nothing different at a tournament? Please explain why you would or would not try to exploit them.

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