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Does Anybody Play This Any More

Years ago, Dorothy Hayden introduced a bid she called the Cooperative Slam Double.

As I remember it, this was a method to help a side who had competed in the bidding decide whether or not to sacrifice after the opponents bid a slam (assuming that a sacrifice would not be worse than letting the opponents bid and make a slam). 

In immediate seat (after the opponents bid a slam) one had 2 options:

Double with 2 defensive tricks (partner was expected to pass this), or

Pass with 0 or 1 defensive trick.  Partner would then 1) double with 1 defensive trick (then the original passer will pass with 1 defensive trick, and will pull/ sac with 0), 2) take the sac with 0 defensive tricks, or 3) pass with 2 defensive tricks.

I think this is how it went.   It made more sense to me than something like the Negative Slam Double.

Does anyone play this any more?  Is this a good convention or is there something better?  




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