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Does Anyone Else Find This Ludicrous?

Does anyone else care?

The LM Women's Pairs started with 52 tables. The winners received 100 masterpoints. That is almost TWO master points per table entered.

The LM Open pairs started with 171 tables. The winners received 125 masterpoints. About THREE-QUARTERS of a master point per table entered.

The Women's Board-A-Match Teams started with 36 teams. The winners received 110 master points. That is over THREE master points per table entered.

The Open Board-A-Match started with 137 teams and awarded 140 master points to the winners. Just over ONE master point per table entered.

Now I respect the leading ladies. I do not believe, however, that the fields in the Women's events are sufficiently stronger than those in the open events to justify awards three times as great per table entered.

Now the master point formula would be responsible for some of this, if it were applied to NABC events. The Open Pairs would pay about double the Women's Pairs, the Open teams almost three times as much as the Women's teams. That would still leave the Women's events paying more per table to the winners. But, in its infinite wisdom, the BOD assigns fixed awards to NABC events, no matter the size. In general a Women's event pays the winner 80% of the award for an open event. And over time the relative size of Women's events has been declining when compared to pen events. So the disparity in awards-per-table has been growing.

If you feel as I do, that this is wrong, write to your BOD member. Complain!

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