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Does it matter how many points the opponents show?

You are playing IMPs, Vul vs NV.  RHO deals and opens 1NT, either weak (12-14) or mini (10-12).  You hold AQ1084 AQ 873 J93.  Your agreements are that double is for penalties (15+ in both cases), 2 shows either diamonds or a major/minor two-suiter, 2 shows both majors and 2/ is natural.  So your most obvious choices are Pass or 2.  Does it make a difference how many points the 1NT opening shows?

Pass against 10-12 1NT or 12-14 1NT
Bid 2S against 10-12 1NT but pass against 12-14 1NT
Pass against 10-12 1NT but bid 2S against 12-14 1NT
Bid 2S against 10-12 1NT or 12-14 1NT
Something else

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