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Does it MATTER how Poland got to Chennai?

There is much lamenting on this site that Poland was allowed to play in the World

Championship, because they had a pair of alleged "cheaters" on the team during

zonal qualifications. But the fact is that this Polish team, with another pair replacing

the alleged "cheaters", beat all the other teams except Bulgaria and China in the

qualifying rounds, and in the knockout rounds they beat France, England and Sweden

in order, proving they DESERVED to be there.


Some teams qualify for World Championships because there is only modest competition

in their qualifying zone, essentially being served qualification on a silver platter,

some teams buy their way in by having wealthy sponsors hire the best pro players

and pay enough money to allow unlimited practice times with complex systems, with

no need for the players  to have outside work to support themselves; and some qualify

by having extremely complex or unusual methods that have nuances that only their

long-term, full-time pro partnerships understand, which cannot be explained or fully

disclosed via alerts or pre-match system outlines.


Some people think the things described in the above paragraph are a form of cheating.

I have heard folks say, after having been beaten up by an experienced team playing

unusual and often destructive methods, "We didn't know what the hell was going on".


So before we get our water hot about whether the Poles should have been allowed in,

take some time to reflect on how some other teams got there, and how they play.


And congratulations to the young Poles on their win.

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