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Does the ACBL need more Washrooms at NABCs OR should players be kicked out of tournaments with cause?

At the 2017 Toronto Summer NABC, a caddy witnessed a wealthy client (multi-NABC Champion) urinating in an inappropriate location!  Eventually, a Committee was held.  The gentleman in question received a reprimand.

At the 2018 Atlanta summer NABC a different wealthy client (also a many time NABC Champion) was observed by several players, no less than three times in the same session, using a stairwell adjacent to the playing area as his personal washroom!  ACBL Tournament Directors as well as hotel staff were notified.  No immediate action was taken.  The player continued to play until the end of the NABC.

I have heard that there will be a written report and some ACBL Official will make the ultimate determination as to whether or not a conduct committee will be held.  Don't hold your breath waiting.  IMHO, in today's world it is always about WHO you are rather than WHAT you do.

Consider: At the 2017 San Diego Fall NABC, a not as wealthy non-ACBL Champion was alleged to have been "rude" to a tournament official.  The wrath of the ACBL descended upon the hapless pair who were kicked out of the tournament and given a period of suspension and probation. 

Behind the scenes, the lawyers are calling the shots.  The fear of lawsuits seem to be the deciding factor.  But which lawyers?  As with anything else, there are good, bad and mediocre attorneys.

On a more pleasant topic, Alex Hudson & I enjoyed an excellent meal at "Cuts" this evening.  Highly recommended.

If anyone wishes to receive my personal report on various ACBL issues and what the ACBL Board did (or did not do) at the Atlanta meetings, please contact me with your name and e-mail address.

Finally, if you share my disgust at ACBL's inaction's regarding the above incidents, please do share your thoughts and feelings, not only on Bridge Winners, but also with ACBL management and/or the ACBL Board of Directors.

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