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Does the Bridge community want Gambling?

In the days of yore playing for money was common place. Many would play for tiny $, others for the 2 cents a point and yet others would gamble for real serious money, some even trying to make a living off their skill level.


I hear today some of our top Brisge players play some serious poker.


People love watching Poker on TV because of the money at stake, watching the players heart throb while trying to control their emotions.


I bet a Calcutta game on TV would get good ratings (where spectators can gamble on the fortunes of the players success and failure). It would be interesting watching the bets others make, or even having the viewers bet in what ever form that might take. It would feel like a casino. The players in a televised Calcutta would of course get a cut of the bets.


Of course it would be exciting but what would it do to the game?

Would it make Bridge more popular to the public?

Would it destroy the game we so love and cherish?




How dou you feel about promoting Bridge though televised gambling, for big stakes or small, or for cash prizes as in professional sports?

NEVER, it would ruin everything!!!!
Nope, it's immoral and I wouldn't condone that.
I am not sure, the problems would more than outweigh the benefits.
I am not sure, it might not be workable like watching Poker on TV
I am not sure, and I don't know why but my gut tells me it would be bad
I am not sure, but I think it is worth investigating the idea and maybe giving it a shot
I have a real fear of what road this would take us down
I think the TV gambling thing would bring Bridge back into its former glory
I love the idea
Other, please EXPLAIN

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