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Don't shoot the messenger!

I was perusing the backwaters of Sheffield Bridge Club's library tonight and had a surprising find:

"Bridge for Women" published in 1967.

A brilliant new book by five of the world's best women players who tell how to play Bridge:

Like a Man

With a Man

Better than a Man


Edited by Richard L Frey and containing chapters written by: 

Peggy Solomon: "How to enjoy the feminine advantage women enjoy as good partners"

Rixi Markus: "A brilliant analysis of competitive bidding in which women lose points by not bidding enough, and men lose them by bidding too much"

Mary Jane Farell: "How women can overcome their bargain-hunting instincts and make the pre-emptive bids that pay off"

Bee Gale Schenken: "Men who have it call it 'table presence'; women have ESP naturally but don't know how to make the most of it" 

Helen Sobel Smith: "How to play Bridge with a Man"


Its a long way from "Sisters are doing it for themselves"!

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