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Double Jeopardy
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Double Jeopardy.


NOT as universal as some might think.

In my home - Canada, there is no such thing as immunity from DJ.

The crown routinely "retries" acquitted citizens.

The most famous of which was an abortion doctor, (Henry Morgantaler) who was acquitted by several juries, always retried, and inevitably convicted by judges, not juries.

I am not claiming one system to be superior, personally I prefer the prosecutors get only one bite at the apple but that is not how it works here.



In our recent B/Z case, the EBL made a ruling. Whether or not that ruling should apply to other jurisdictions seems to be an unsolved question.

Some citing "double jeopardy" say it's over and the ruling should be universally applied.

Others were very critical of the evidence and witnesses (or lack thereof) and therefore question the validity of the verdict.




My question is, is there a law, in  the ACBL for example which accepts and concurs with foreign verdicts or do they explicitly retain the right to their own trial?

 I don't pretend to know the answer. DJ varies from country to country. I don't see how it should or would apply unless the laws specifically say so.

What is the law here?







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