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Double Standards

My partner Peter Fredin Is not only a fabulous player and a truly wonderful person, but he has courage and ethical standards that I admire deeply .


he posted an article that has subsequently been removed just stating the plain truth on how the Rosenthal team managed to in 2 ways to win the match using firstly a ridiculous technicality and then by taking advantage of definitive UI from a clear and obvious BIT that exposed at least one member of their team for the person he clearly is 


so , what’s the point of any open discussion about bridge, it’s current problems , blaming the WBF etcetc when one of the biggest problems of thengane At an expert level cannot be discussed here Because of the high profile of the player involved 

This site would serve bridge well if this topic could be talked about honestly and openly 

the player involved Does not deserve the anonymity I am giving him now as I don’t want this post removed - rather I want to encourage some meaningful discussion 


I also wish I hadn't played poorly and messed Up a couple of hands  in the last segment to even give this undeserving team a chance to use the strongest part of their bridge  game 


i Welcome honest and open feedback including criticism of this post and hope that this critical topic can be discussed here 

thank you 

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