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Doubt on "Following the law", by Larry Cohen

Maybe i'm not getting the point, but it looks like there is a contradiction:

in page 18 author refers to p.166, where one can read, and i quote: "'Eight never' means that you should never outbid the opponents at the three level if your side has only eight trumps"

Ok; now i am at p 18 and this hand is given (all vul)





the bidding goes 1 on our left, 1 from partner, 2 on our right, we bid 2 and left hand bids 3

Here i quote again: "You expect that your side has eight trumps. You won't have nine, because partner, with six spades, would have bid to the three-level himself - he'd know your side had nine trumps."

So far so good

Now author goes on saying, and i quote again:"The opponents have only eight trumps. If your partner had a singleton heart, he would probably have bid three spades, expecting them to have nine."

That's what i dont get: this last paragraph contradicts the 'Eight never' rule

Am i missing something?

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